Our dedication to the concept of lead-free

Nowadays, children's living conditions are better and better no matter in the aspects of eating, wearing, using or living. Parents are willing to give the best to their children. However, when parents spend money on their children, they will also fall into the pit of unscrupulous businesses. For example,  it is a very easy skill for parents to buy shoes according to their children's feet size. However, do they really pick the correct childrean's shoes?
Since children learn to walk, they need to wear shoes every day. Most parents will test the shoes for style, fit, and comfort before choosing the shoes for their children . However, a good pair of shoes is not only reflected in the comfort of wearing, but also the making material. If there are harmful substances in shoes, they will do great harm to children's growth and development.
According to authoritative testing, many brands of children's shoes on the market are unqualified.Some of them even contain heavy metals which seriously exceed the standard, such as lead.A child can get lead poisoning by swallowing or breathing in lead.Often, lead poisoning is caused by lead we can't even see. Lead poisoning can cause problems with a child's growth, behavior, and ability to learn.
Caring for children's health, Geenkids has invested in the research and development of different types of healthy and functional children's shoes. Geenkids adheres to the conscientious and responsible production and humanistic care spirit . The materials and functions of each pair of shoes are specially designed for children's health and daily needs. The overall structure design makes Geenkids' health function shoes both healthy and stylish. The unique design of insole makes the shoes more light, elastic, cushioning and skidproof, which gives children a comfort of feet massage.